About Me

I am Carole

Hello, and thank you for joining me on my blog journey from the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland.

I’ve always worked and been in Office Administration. Unfortunately, I was made redundant in 2016, not for the first time but 4th.

The same day I left a local company asked me to help them out for two days a week, and I did, but then what would I do for the other three days of the week.

Well, I decided to go out on my own so, Office Admin Support was born. Working for small companies helping out with their admin, accounts and social media.

So, I began my new career. I changed the way I thought about working and found I could work efficiently from home and work different hours to suit the business needs.

I had more daytime hours to spend on my bikes. I do love a pedal it’s good for you.

There I was cruising through life at 57 then boom!

I have Non-Hodgkin’s Follicular Lymphoma, and I want to share my experience with family and friends and maybe find some new friends along the way.

This journey is not mine alone, with my husband and best friend Richard by my side and all my family and friends who have been there for me.

It’s here for you to explore I want to be open with you and answer questions you didn’t think you should ask someone with cancer.

Cancer affects so many of us now, they say 1 in 2 people in the UK will be diagnosed. I don’t think anyone goes through life without being touched by someone who has been taken by had or is going through cancer. So, don’t be frightened to ask me more about life with this disease. We are all different in the way the disease affects us and how we deal with it.

I want to grow this blog and share other life experiences that make my life, like my cat’s, cycling and new hobbies as they come along.

I want to engage with other like-minded people.

I am a great believer in real positivity and practicality, cancer and its treatment affects people in different ways, but we are all warriors!

These are my opinions and expressions.

Carole March 2020

“Here’s to being kind to one another as life is too short for anything else”

Carole LifeTides

Meet our furbabies there will be more on these two later!

Some togetherness